Keeping the bathroom clean…ugh!

You get what you pay for, particularly when it comes to bathroom cleaning.  Never has any room seen more traffic, or water, or heat or the endless array of hair and body potions than the humble bathroom, especially when there are teenagers involved. And sadly, mine reflects this fact. The grout is dis-coloured, the silicone in the shower is black with mould and the once pristine shower-glass is opaque with a colourful mixture of pink mould and what the experts tell me is limescale.

I’m generally quite a good house-keeper and have made every effort to keep the bathroom mould at bay – I’ve bought almost every imaginable product on the market, I’ve squirted, sprayed and scrubbed, I’ve dried the walls, squeegeed the glass, and attacked the silicone with cream cleaners and bleach.

I have put in effort, I have squeezed myself into the four corners of the shower, I have sweated and slaved, to little avail. I conclude that this is a good time to call in the experts, to hand it over, to own up to my failure and the failure of the myriad bottles of product I have purchased.  “What?  You used that on your shower glass?” “Yes”, I owned up, head hanging in despair.

It’s time to hand it over, to call the experts, to admit defeat and to look forward to someone else winning the battle of the scungy bathroom.

Handy hint: Hand your bathroom over to a friendly GroutPro team member who will sort it out in no time.