Shower Refurbishment – Hamilton

Unknown to most homeowners tiled showers require ongoing maintenance to keep them looking like the day they were installed. A shower is a perfect breeding gound for mould, mildew, and bacteria because the three things they thrive on are present in that environment – moisture, heat, and organic matter.

A tiled shower will inevitable have grout and silicone within it – both of which deteriorate over time. While regularly sealed grout will protect it from this environment, silicone typically only lasts  a couple of years in a shower before mould and discolouration requires it to be replaced.

GroutPro specialises in full cosmetic refurbishments of existing showers. This Hamiton shower was looking tired with grout missing from the base, silicone gone mouldy throughout, mineral depisits etched into the glass and glazed tile, and discolouraton of the grout due to body oils, soaps, and mould.

Our local specialist gave it the works:

  • Cleaned down the entire shower to remove all organic matter, oils, mould, mineral deposits, etc
  • Removed the cement based grout from the base and replaced it with waterproof epoxy grout.
  • Coloursealed the grout on the walls to look like new and protect the surface from futire staining.
  • Removed and replaced all the silicone within the alcove.
  • Restored clarity to the glass screen by removing thev mineral deposits.

The result is a shower that looks as good as new, and now is better protected than the day it was first built.