Replacing silicone in a shower – Pukekohe and North Shore

Silicone is a rubbery substance that is used to provide a flexible joint where a tiled floor meets a wall, at the corner of two walls, and around fixtures and fittings. Silicone must be used in these situations to allow for movement and expansion – if grout was used it would crack as the house flexed.

In a shower, or wet area, silicone is also used to provide a waterproof seal which helps to direct the water into the drain. Prior to waterproof membranes becoming an integral part of the building code in the mid 2000’s, silicone was a major part of ensuring water did not escape the shower enclosure into the structure of the house.

In a shower, in particular, silicone degrades over time due to the environment present. Discolouration due to cleaning chemicals and mould is common after a couple of years and this cannot be cleaned off – the silicone must be removed and replaced. GroutPro franchisees are skilled at doing this either as part of a shower refurbishment, or as a standalone service.

We also replace silicone in other areas such as between a kitchen benchtop and splashback, around the perimeter of a room, or even expansion joints in larger tiled areas.

These showers in Auckland are typical of what we come across. The original silicone was not installed particularly tidily resulting in it trapping soap and body oils causing discolouration and mould. Professionally replacing it with fresh new silicone helped to make the shower look like new again.