Regrout Required – Auckland

Sometimes there is no alternative but to regrout a tiled area.

This could be due to cracked/missing grout or grout that has disintegrated over time. We often see virtually new grout that has been poorly mixed during installation resulting in it not curing properly and turning to powder. In a shower environment, if excessive mould is present in the grout, we will often suggest these areas of grout be replaced prior to Coloursealing the entire area.

Regrouting comes with some risk and the correct tools and processes need to be used to minimise the likelihood of damage to the tiles, waterproofing membranes, and underfloor heating elements.

It is a last resort process which can often be avoided using Colourseal. If the grout is simply discoloured, Colourseal will renew the look without any of the risks associated with regrouting.