Epoxy Regrout Shower Base – Waikato

As part of our popular shower refurbishment process, GroutPro removes the standard cement based grout in the shower base and replaces it with epoxy grout. This resin based grout looks exactly like regular grout but it is non-porous, waterproof, and stainproof. As it contains no cement it is also not susceptible to efflorescence. Most tilers do not like using it, so GroutPro has positioned itself to be expert applicators in this type of grout.

In a shower situation where water may pool for most of the day, epoxy grout is the ultimate in long term durability.

A typical shower refurbishment would include:

  • Total clean down of all surfaces
  • Epoxy regrout of the shower base
  • Colourseal of the existing grout on the walls
  • Replacement of all silicone within the shower enclosure
  • Removal of mineral etching on the glass panels

Epoxy grout is also perfect for swimming pools and outdoor raised patio areas where additional water resistance is required.