Colourseal can make a dramatic change – Tauranga

GroutPro’s Colourseal is a unique 100% stainproof coating for existing grout. Most often used to recolour stained grout back to it’s original colour, it is also used to change the colour of grout purely for a change of look.

Available in 89 colours, Colourseal can make a room look bigger by blending the grout colour to match the tile colour (and make the groutline less noticable), or simply change the usual grey grout to something more in keeping with the decor.

In this case a plain kitchen splashback with white tiles and grout has been transformed into a focal point by using Colourseal to change the grout colour to black. No grout was removed meaning no mess or potential damage to the tiles, and the work was completed in a few hours with virtually no downtime to the kitchen.

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