A typical bathroom floor colourseal – Tauranga

It is amazing what a slight change of grout colour can make to the look of a room.

This bathroom is typical of what GroutPro comes across. The original grout, installed 15 years ago, was probably a mid grey colour. Tilers generally try to use mid grey as it hides the dirt the longest. Over time the constant mopping of the floor discoloured the unsealed grout turning it very dark, and dating the look of the room.

A simple machine clean using our specialist hard floor extraction equipment puled the dirt and oils out of the tile and grout in preparation for an application of our unique colourseal to the grout.

Colourseal is a hard wearing, breathable, topical sealer that seals the grout from future discolouration. As it is coloured it is also designed to recolour the grout. Whether the goal is to return the grout to it’s original colour, or change the look completely, Colourseal is the answer. The only other option is to replace the grout completely – a time consuming and messy job.

In this case a light grey Colouseal was used to lighten and modernise the look of the room. All done in a day, and able to be walked on immediately.