A typical kitchen floor Colourseal – Kapiti

GroutPro has completed literally thousands of these throughout New Zealand.

The problem is that grout is porous so the more you mop it the dirtier it gets. As dirty water from your mop and bucket sits on the groutlines, the muck soaks into the grout making it dirtier and dirtier. This wouldn’t be a problem if the grout was sealed, but 99% of grout doesn’t get sealed after it is installed.

Steam mops don’t help either because the head of the mop usually glides over the tiles and doesn’t even touch the grout.

This typical kitchen in a modern home responded well to GroutPro’s clean and colourseal process. The machine cleaning process extracted the dirt out of the grout leaving it so clean you could eat your lunch off it. Then two coats of Colourseal on the grout in a lighter colour than the original grout resulted in a cleaner look that also made the room appear larger due to the eye now not being drawn to the groutlines.

Our customers often ask for just a clean of their tiled areas. While we are happy to do so, we explain that unless the grout is sealed afterwards, it will return to the same state within a few months. Our grout Colourseal solves this problem giving a long lasting “wipe clean” surface that is guaranteed not to stain.