Here at GroutPro one of our core values is to uphold New Zealand’s proud clean and green image. These days sustainability is at the forefront of thinking throughout the country: looking at ways to reduce the carbon footprint, reducing waste, and reducing environmental pollution, by using what might previously have been considered worn out. 

From a tiling perspective, often the tiles themselves are still in good condition, but the overall appearance is let down by stained grout, and mouldy silicone. GroutPro’s unique restoration process enables refurbishment of existing tiled areas without filling our landfills with broken tiles, and filling the air with clouds of fine dust. Once completed, the refurbished areas can be maintained with simple eco-friendly cleaning products, rather than harsh bleaches and acids commonly found in household cleaners.

All of GroutPro’s cleaning and restoration products are water soluble and non-hazardous to the environment.
GroutPro is proud to be doing it’s part in keeping New Zealand clean and green.